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MDF: A Biography of Sorts

Founded in 2000 by Matthew Sharp in the Upper Haight neighborhood of San Francisco, MDF (Mathgeeks Defence Force) has been creating "developmentally disabled pop" infused with a bevy of other influences and genres for a little over two decades now.

Sharp, himself, has been creating "difficult music" since 1984 in a list of his own and other peoples' projects. FRSC, Motherbox, Vergiftung, Metasyntactic Collective, and others. The MDF project was born out of a desire to infuse traditional "nerd rock" with the sort of frenetic electronic noises and beats Sharp had been exploring with his collaborator, Dijay Ginazu.

Throughout MDF's history, it hasn't all been Mr. Sharp; friends like David Whittemore, Rick Karr, Sean McCloud, Dijay Ginazu, Wayne Myers, Mike Bulington, Andy Hopkins, Owen Grace, Amir Djavaherian, and Matthew's younger brother, Mike Sharp, have contributed pieces and parts, all dutifully sewn together, ripped apart again, then re-sewn, ad nauseum, to create Frankensteinian nightmares of modern deconstructed pop music.

Additionally, Mr. Sharp is a contributing member of the group Box Set Authentic, a collaborative songwriting/recording effort with a handful long-term friends and talented musicians. Sharp currently lives in the Midwest, with his wife, daughter, and dog, and continues to compose new music under both the MDF name, as well as a handful of other side projects.